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Formatting and binding of your dissertation

How should my dissertation be formatted?

There are very few rules about how to format your monographic dissertation:

The following points are all up to you:

  • font size
  • font
  • line spacing
  • one-sided or two-sided printing
  • Width of the correction margin

Our template for the title and inside title page, the affidavit and your curriculum vitae must be included in your dissertation. For the Ph.D. in Medical Rearch the confirmation of congruency also has to be included.

We prepared style templates for you, which are optional for you to use. You find each template under "thesis submission" for your respective title.

A dissertation is usually printed in DIN A4.

To assist in the preparation of a dissertation and to prevent plagiarism, the Faculty of Medicine provides a citation guideline.

For your bibliography, we recommend the bibliography software Endnote, which you can receive free of charge from the University Library.

If you would like to see dissertations, you can find them on the UB server. You can filter both by author and by first reviewer.

However, if you are writing a cumulative dissertation, these guidelines apply to the formal structure!

What binding and paper quality do I need for my dissertation?

The printed copies of your dissertation that you submit to the doctoral office must be bound with a permanent adhesive binding. A ring binding or a similar method is not permitted.
The majority of dissertations submitted to our faculty are by now exclusively sent to the reviewers in a digital format. Therefore, it is perfectly adequate if you choose a simple softcover for your printed version of your dissertation. You can also easily opt for the inexpensive variant in terms of the quality and weight of the paper.