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Doctoral Degrees

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Available Degrees at the Faculty of Medicine:
The Medical Faculty awards five different doctoral degrees, dependent on the (future) doctoral candidate's qualifying degree, as well as on the degree of the potential supervisor.

Using the image, doctoral candidates can roughly determine, which degree is suitable:


Information on the individual degrees can be found by clicking on the respective degree in the lefthand menu.

A comparison between all degrees is available here!

On October 1st, 2018, the LMU's Medical Faculty introduced a structured program for all doctoral candidates wanting to obtain a Dr. med., Dr. med. dent. or Dr. rer. biol. hum. Since this date, all doctoral projects have to be carried out in a structured way, without exception. Crucial for determining whether a doctoral project is going to be carried out in a structured way or not, is the submission date of the supervision agreement. You can find out more here: Information for supervisors (PDF, 130kB) and here: Information for students and doctoral candidates (PDF, 130kB).

Dr. med. (new)

The doctoral degree Dr. med. is for students with a qualifying degree in human medicine.

Dr. med. dent. (new)

The doctoral degree Dr. med. dent. is for students with a qualifying degree in dental medicine.

Dr. rer. biol. hum. (new)

The doctoral degree in human biology is designed for doctoral candidates, who would like to carry out a doctoral project at the Medical Faculty but do not have a degree in human or dental medicine.

Ph.D. medical reserach

The Ph.D. in Medical Research is a 3-year structured research training program, which focuses on current content of medical research, in particular of biomedical experimental, clinical or translational research, or public health research.
Application and selection of candidates are done by the respective core areas and training group.

Dr. rer. nat.

The Dr. rer. nat. ist for doctoral candidates with a qualifying degree in the life sciences. You must have achieved a grade, which allows you to carry out a doctoral research project at one of the life science faculties of the LMU. Supervision of the doctoral research project can only be carried out by a supervisor, who has a doctoral degree in the life sciences.