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Registration of a doctoral project

I would like to register my doctorate at the LMU. What do I have to do?

Doctoral students in human medicine, dentistry and human biology do the following:

  1. First, please register in our online portal.
  2. Fill in all tabs of the registration (general information, promotion regulations, personal information, university entrance qualification, studies, doctoral project, further documents).
  3. Please click on "Submit"
  4. The “doctoral supervision agreement” is generated automatically.
  5. Please ask all members of your thesis advisory committee to sign the document
  6. Please submit the required original documents in person or by post to the doctoral office.

Students who are aiming for the Ph.D. Medical Research

Students who are aiming for the Ph.D. Medical Research can only register after a successful application in the online portal. Your program coordinator or the MMRS will provide you with more information.