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Support in case of conflicts

Every doctoral thesis has ups and downs - that's perfectly normal and many conflicts can already be resolved with a little distance and a clarifying conversation. However, if conflicts do arise in the course of your work that make you feel like you need support, you should know that you are not alone.
In many cases, just the advice of your TAC members can be very helpful. If possible, seek a confidential conversation with one of your TAC members. Often, they can be helpful to you, especially in scientific conflicts.
However, although supervisors, group leaders, and coordinators are usually the first points of contact for information and advice, certain situations may require you to turn to people outside your own group or department. In the case of family concerns, personal crises in your professional life, crises in professional development, discrimination, sexual harassment or scientific misconduct, it is good to have the following contacts at hand.

The graduate center offers a good overview on many resources surrounding a dissertation, including researching, research data management, writing, publishing and good scientific practice:



LMU provides university members with a wide range of options for dealing with conflicts and discrimination — actively contributing to a discrimination-free environment with equal opportunities.

Counseling and contacts in case of conflict:

Dealing with discrimination or sexual harassment:


Current health protection measures are associated with profound changes in everyday life and social interactions, which present a particular challenge for our mental health and well-being. In order to offer support and help in the current situation, we launch the "WeCare@LMU" initiative, which will take place until the end of the semester.

Research Integrity

In case of questions or concerns about scientific misconduct or questionable practice:

Sexual (Mis)conduct

Information about support in the case of sexual misconduct

  • for doctoral candidates at the Helmholtz Zentrum München: Gender Equality

Work conflicts

In cases of conflicts with employer, colleagues or relating to working conditions

Special Issue Counseling

For researchers with diversity or mental health issues, chronic illness or disability

Intercultural Counseling

For support regarding cultural issues in academics, work and leisure time:

Family Services

Support helping to make career and family compatible

Campus Ministry Counseling

Social Support for International Students

Support services through the LMU International Office: