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Curriculum for Dr. med., Dr. med. dent. and Dr. rer. biol. hum.

Curriculum for doctoral students aiming for a Dr. med., Dr. med. dent. Or Dr. rer. biol. hum.

How often do I have to attend the lecture series on Good Scientific Practice?

You have to attend at least 80% of the lectures in one semester. You do not have to attend all lectures during the same semester. It is easily possible to catch up on lectures later on. The choice of suitable topics is up to you.
As the number of lectures can vary between semesters, the number of talks during the semester when you started attending the lecture series is what counts when determining the 80%.

What does "interdisciplinary topics” mean in the curriculum?

Part of the curriculum are at least 25 hours of interdisciplinary events. This are lectures, seminars or workshops on the subject like:

  • good scientific practice
  • good clinical practice
  • good manufacturing practice
  • statistics
  • authorship
  • plagiarism
  • academic writing
  • literature search techniques
  • presentation skills
  • and the like (aka transferable skills)

In addition to the mandatory MMRS lecture series “Good Scientific Practice”, the remaining hours can also be completed by attending the science curriculum offered by MeCuM (especially optional courses in module 6) or by attending events at the LMU's Center for Leadership and People Management or the "Kurz und Bündig" series of events at the Graduate Center.