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iThenticate - Verification of the originality of text passages

Why do we check for plagiarism?

  • Our faculty, like other medical schools, is increasingly confronted with plagiarism allegations.
  • To counteract this situation, which is problematic not only for the doctoral students, but also for supervisors and ultimately for the entire medical faculty, the faculty has decided to subject dissertations to a plagiarism check before they are submitted to the doctoral office.
  • This is intended to prevent plagiarism problems in future dissertations.
  • The Faculty of Medicine therefore obliges supervisors to check the dissertations of their doctoral students with the plagiarism recognition software "iThenticate" before submission.
  • To assist in the preparation of a dissertation and to prevent plagiarism, the Faculty of Medicine provides a citation guideline (download at the bottom of the page).
  • Only dissertations registered at the Medical Faculty of the LMU will be checked! Unfortunately, habilitation theses, master's thesis, dissertations of other faculties or manuscripts for publications can not be reviewed.


  • All theses to be checked must be successfully registered in the Campus Portal by the doctoral candidate before the plagiarism analysis.
  • The supervisor must have an iThenticate account (if not, please apply informally at
  • The dissertation must be available in its final version, i.e., approved by the supervisor

Short description of the procedure

  1. The supervisor or the doctoral candidate (with the supervisor(s) in cc) sends the dissertation to be reviewed as a Word document or pdf file to
  2. Please submit only the main body of the dissertation (without title page, table of contents, bibliography, CV, affidavit, etc.). For privacy reasons, the thesis will be reviewed anonymously. 
  3. Please leave figure legends, tables and table legends in the paper.
  4. Figures may remain in the document
  5. For cumulative papers, please remove the published articles, as the already published articles should not be tested as well.
  6. Please include the first and last name of the doctoral candidate in the e-mail for administrative purposes
  7. The supervisor will be informed by e-mail as soon as the thesis has been reviewed.
  8. The supervisor must then log into his/her IThenticate account, view the review result and document the result in a form provided for this purpose (comment form). This form must be submitted to the doctoral office together with the dissertation

Evaluation of the test report

  • To get to the test report of the dissertation to be reviewed, please click on the percentage numbers next to the document
  • Attention: These are no indication whether the thesis is plagiarized or not! It only shows the percentage of matching text fragments from different sources. Of course, these can also contain correct quotations, common phrases, technical terms, etc.!
  • Please read the test report carefully. Only the supervisor can judge whether the marked passages contain plagiarized text fragments.
  • In many cases "Material and Methods" is about proven methods and their descriptions. Thus, it may be difficult to rephrase these parts, which may lead to more similarities with published sources. Please take this into account when evaluating the report.
  • If necessary, the doctoral candidate has the opportunity to revise the thesis once. Please discuss the results of the analysis with the candidate. After the revision, you can have the thesis uploaded for a second and last time to be analyzed. The last version reviewed must be the same as the version submitted!
  • After reviewing the most recent report, please fill out and sign the form for comments. This must be submitted with the thesis.
  • You do not have to hand in the test report! It can be viewed online by the MMRS if required.
  • The guide below contains detailed instructions on how to use iThenticate.

Who gets an account?

  • iThenticate accounts are only available for supervisors of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Medicine - not for docotoral candidates