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Submission of the Ph.D. Thesis


Once all requirements within the framework of the target agreement have been fulfilled, the TAC can initiate the scientific assessment of the thesis. You need to submit all relevant documents via the online platform (in your account), as well as submitting original documents to the MMRS.

First steps: Before you submit the printed version of your dissertation to the MMRS, please upload all documents online under "submission" in your campus portal account. The review process of your dissertation can only start, once all documents have been uploaded. 

Please send the printed version of your dissertation and all related signed documents via mail (MMRS, Dekanat der Medizinischen Fakultät, Bavariaring 19, 80336 Munich) or drop of at the dean's office mailbox. 

Briefkasten_267pxThe mailbox is located to the right of the gate at the entrance of the garden (see photo). Please divide your documents into several envelopes if one envelope is too bulky for a regular mailbox opening.



I.1 Thesis (2 copies)

You must submit 2 bound copies of the thesis in DIN A4 (adhesive binding, no ring binding!). The thesis must be paginated, contain a table of contents and reference list, as well as a detailed summary. It must be written in English.

A cumulative dissertation may also be submitted. It must consist of at least 2 articles, which have been published in or accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed journal. The Ph.D. candidate must be first author of at least one article.
A cumulative dissertation must contain an introductory summary, explaining the meaning of the research for the field and which details the Ph.D. candidate's contribution to content and scope.

I.2 Electronic version of the thesis (1 copy, PDF format)

An electronic version of the thesis (PDF, max. 10MB, reducing file size) should be uploaded in your campus portal account.

I.3 CV

A CV must be included in the bound and electronic versions of the thesis.

I.4 List of all scientific publications (German or English)

A list of all scientific publications must be included in the bound and electronic versions of the thesis.

I.5 Affidavit

The affidavit must be included in the bound and electronic versions of the thesis and be signed by the Ph.D. candidate.

I.6 Confirmation of congruency

A signed confirmation of congruency between the bound and electronic versions must be included in all versions of the thesis.

I.7 Confirmation co-authors

Only necessary when submitting a cumulative dissertation. Please upload publication that should be part of a cumulative dissertation into your campus portal account.

I.8 Originals of your supervision agreement and target agreement

If these have not yet been submitted. Please note that original handwritten signatures are required, electronic signatures or scans of originals are not sufficient here.

I.9 Statement on the result of the iThenticate analysis signed by your supervisor

As of October 2016, all theses must checked for plagiarism with iThenticate. A statement on the result of the iThenticate analysis signed by your supervisor has to be submitted when submitting the dissertation. For more information on the plagiarism software and the procedure at the faculty, please see "Plagiarism Check".

I.10 Confirmation by supervisor on admission to Doctoral Examination

1.11 Confirmation that all required ECTS have been achieved

Your transcript of records, which you can just obtain from your campus portal account, proves the achievement of all required ECTS.



Please note that the total duration of the evaluation can vary greatly under certain circumstances. The total duration of the assessment procedure can therefore unfortunately not be predicted.