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Information, FAQs and Downloads

General information available for downloading:

Degree portfolio at the Medical Faculty

The LMU's Medical Faculty offers a wide-variety of degrees, depending on your background. The degree portfolio (PDF, 1.8MB)offers all degrees at a glance, together with their respective requirements.

Ethical Committee

All biomedical and clinical studies need a positive ethical vote, before they can be carried out. If you are unsure whether you need the approval of the Ethical Committee, please contact them directly. 

Please note: the Ethical Committee does not issue positive votes retrospectively and your dissertation (monographic or cumulative) may not be accepted by the faculty, if you do not have the required paperwork.

Enrolment process

Doctoral candidates aiming for degrees in human medicine, dental medicine, human biology or the life sciences can enrol at the LMU for a maximum of 6 semesters.

Doctoral candidates who have been accepted for the Ph.D. Medical Research must enrol at the LMU and remain enrolled until they have completed their oral defence.

The enrolment process at the LMU is different depending on where you are from and in which country you received your qualifying degree. We have compiled a summary (PDF, 52kB) of where you need to go and which documents, etc you will need to bring, in order to register at the LMU (regardless of the degree you are aiming for).

Code of Practice

The GraduateCenterLMU has compiled a set of recommendations for supervisory relationships between doctoral students and their supervisors, not only to make them more transparent, but also giving indications of what both parties can expect from one another. As this Code of Practice covers a very broad spectrum of subjects, the relevance of the individual aspects varies depending on the department.

Citation Guidelines

To assist in the preparation of a dissertation and to prevent plagiarism, the Faculty of Medicine provides a citation guideline.

Guidelines for the cumulative dissertation

The Medical Faculty has issued guidelines (PDF, 67kB) concerning the submission of cumulative dissertations - what format should the submitted thesis have, which type of articles are accepted, etc.

LMU Code of conduct

The Board of University Representatives of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich adopted a list of guidelines for the implementation of Recommendations summarized in a "code of conduct". All scientific work that is performed at our Faculty has to follow these guidelines.