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Course of the doctorate for Dr. med., Dr. med. dent. and Dr. rer. biol. hum.

Course of the doctorate for doctoral students aiming for a Dr. med., Dr. med. dent. Or Dr. rer. biol. hum.

When do I have to register my work?

The obligation to register as a doctoral student within three months after the start of the doctoral project has existed since October 2016. To do this, register on the online platform ( and fill in your data accordingly. The qualifications of international candidates will be checked for equivalence on this occasion.

What happens during the interim evaluation?

The interim evaluation, also known as a TAC meeting or thesis advisory committee meeting, is a meeting of the doctoral student with his supervisory committee. The doctoral student should present the progress of his/her project in a small lecture. The task of the supervision committee is to provide feedback and to ensure that the project is going according to plan. The first interim evaluation must take place within 12 months after registration of the doctoral project. The interim evaluations are recorded accordingly and potential changes to the original target agreement (target amendment) are recorded.

When do I have to have my interim evaluation?

The first interim evaluation must take place within 12 months after registration of the doctoral project.

When do I have to have my final evaluation?

The final evaluation must take place shortly before the planned submission of the dissertation.

When do I need an extension of the doctoral project?

The duration of a doctoral thesis is estimated at 3 years, unless otherwise specified in the target agreement. According to the decision by the doctoral committee, doctoral projects in which both the doctoral candidate and the thesis advisory committee (TAC) see sufficient prospect of successful completion of the doctoral project are automatically extended by one additional year each until the final evaluation and subsequent submission of the dissertation.
If the doctoral candidate or the TAC have reasonable doubts about the successful completion of the procedure, the doctoral candidate must submit an application for extension to the doctoral committee. In this application, the doctoral candidate reports in writing on the progress of the dissertation and/or publication, and the TAC comments on this in writing. The doctoral committee then decides, if necessary, on the continuation of the procedure. In such cases, without the submission of the application, the doctoral project will be terminated.