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Monographic dissertation with published data

It may happen that parts of the results of a planned doctorate have already been published in a scientific journal before the submission of the dissertation. Here we provide a guideline on how to proceed:

  1. Results that have already been published with the participation of the doctoral candidate can be used again in his/her dissertation, but must be marked accordingly.
  2. Results contributed by co-authors may be shown in the dissertation, but it must be clearly recognizable that they have been contributed. Only the performance of the doctoral candidate is evaluated for the dissertation.
  3. Translations must be free and not literal.
  4. Introduction and discussion must be rewritten independently.
  5. The methods section must be detailed and clearly go beyond already published manuscripts of the doctoral candidate.
  6. Already published results can be shown in the results section if they are marked accordingly. The results section should be written independently by the doctoral candidate.
  7. In the case of text similarities of more than 30%, the supervisor must justify in a written statement why he/she does not suspect plagiarism.
  8. When using unchanged or only slightly changed illustrations and tables from publications, the permission of the copyright holder (usually the original publisher) must be obtained, both for use in the printed and in the electronic/online version of the dissertation. Please enclose a copy of the permission with your thesis.
  9. A detailed explanation on how to handle your own, already published data can be found in the citation guide of the Faculty of Medicine.