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Doctoral Degree in the Life Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.)


The Dr. rer. nat. ist for doctoral candidates with a qualifying degree in the life sciences. You must have achieved a grade, which allows you to carry out a doctoral research project at one of the life science faculties of the LMU.

Supervision of the doctoral research project can only be carried out by a supervisor, who has a doctoral degree in the life sciences and is permitted to supervise doctoral student (usually a private lecturer or professor).


In order to be allowed to supervise candidates for the Dr. rer. nat. degree, supervisors themselves must meet certain requirements.

Acceptance as a Doctoral Candidate

Before beginning work on your doctoral research project with the goal of obtaining a Dr. rer. nat., you must first apply for acceptance as a doctoral candidate.

Certificate of eligibility and Pre-Doctoral Examination

Candidates wanting to obtain a Dr. rer. nat. may have to successfully complete a Pre-Doctoral Examination. More information on this procedure can be found here.

Submission of the Thesis

Once you have completed all requirements for the Dr. rer. nat., you can submit your thesis.

Thesis evaluation and Oral Defence

Informationen on the evaluation procedure of your thesis, as well as on the oral defence can be found here.

Completion of the Procedure and Certificates

Final steps for completing the doctoral examination procedure and information on the Doctor's Certificate can be found here.