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Ph.D. Medical Research


At the LMU Munich's Medical Faculty, students now have the opportunity of carrying out a 3-year structured Ph.D. in Medical Research. Objective of the program is a structured research training program which focuses on current content of medical research, in particular of biomedical experimental, clinical or translational research, or public health research, in particular the fields of epidemiology or public health.

In order to give Ph.D. students a structured training environment, lecturers from different fields of the Medical Faculty have come together and defined core areas, in which they have committed themselves to the framework (recruitment, supervision, qualification and examination) defined in the Ph.D.'s Examination Regulations. This involves that a thematic core area offers respective courses (workshops, seminars, etc.) are offered collectively. If needed and appropriate, Ph.D. students from other research areas are allowed to take part in these courses, thereby creating networks and synergies.

The concept of individual Ph.D. projects in the different research areas, coupled with a structured and partly integrative training program has proved successful over the past years.

Introduction of the Ph.D. Medical Research

A description of the Ph.D. Medical Research (structure, minimum requirements, etc.) can be found here.

Application and Selection

In order to obtain a Ph.D. in Medical Research, you must complete an application and selection process. Depending on which area you wish to carry out your Ph.D. in, there may be different application deadlines and procedures.

Core Areas and Research Training Groups

Currently, there are 5 Ph.D. core areas at the faculty, in addition to numerous SFBs and graduate programs that offer a Ph.D. in Medical Research. If none of the existing programs fit, there is the possibility of an "individual Ph.D. in Medical Research".

Supervision of your Ph.D. Project

Information on who can supervise your Ph.D. project, as well all documents required for this, can be found here.

Registration of your Ph.D. Project

Once you have successfully applied and been accepted for the Ph.D. Medical Research, you need to register yourself and your project using the online platform.

Curriculum and Courses

The Ph.D. Medical Research requires you to complete a curriculum comprising 30 ECTS. Information on how to accomplish this, can be found here.

Submission of your Ph.D. Thesis

Once you have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. Medical Research, you can submit your thesis.

Further Procedure and Oral Defence

Information on the evaluation process of your thesis, as well as on the oral defence can be found here.

Completion of the Procedure and Certificates

Once you have successfully completed your oral defence, you must submit the statutory copies to the University Library, before you can receive your degrees and certificates.