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Further Procedure and Oral Defence

Ph-D-farbigI. Evaluation of the Submitted Thesis

I.1 The Examination Committee

The submitted thesis is assessed by a total of four reviewers, who make up the Examination Committee -

  • the supervisor of the thesis
  • a second member of the Thesis Advisory Committee
  • a third independent reviewer
  • a fourth indepent reviewer

I.2 The Evaluation of the Thesis

Once the application for admission to the doctoral examination has been submitted with all required documents, the chairperson of the Doctoral Committee asks the supervisor and second reviewer to submit their expert opinions - the first two reviewers have 8 weeks for their respective evaluations.

Upon submission of these expert opinions, the dissertation and opinions are forwarded to the two other members of the Examination Committee - who have 4 to 6 weeks - for comment.

The thesis is accepted if the expert opinions and comments all grade the thesis with a "sufficient" (4.0) or better.

The thesis can be returned to the Ph.D. candidate once for revision. The revised thesis must be submitted to the Doctoral Office within one year for reevaluation.

II. Oral defence

Upon acceptance of the thesis the Ph.D. candidate is admitted to his/her oral defence.

The doctoral candidate arranges the time and place of the defense with his or her examination committee. Please note, that all members of the examination committee have to attend the oral defense!
The candidate then proceeds to inform the office of doctoral affairs about the agreed upon time and place at least 3 weeks before the planned defense.
The candidate and all members of the examination committee will receive a written invitation to the defense at least two weeks before the disputation.

During the defence (which takes place in English)

  • the candidate will present the results of his/her thesis during a 45 minutes public talk and
  • afterwards, there will be an oral examination (30 - 60 minutes) conducted by the Examination Committee.

The grading and communication of the grade to the candidate take place without the public.

A record of proceedings on the oral defence is written and submitted to the Doctoral Office after the defence.