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Genomic and Molecular Medicine - Personalized Approaches to Childhood Health

This international and interdisciplinary structured Ph.D. program is part of the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital and the Munich Medical Research School. The full-time doctoral program covers a wide range of topics including genomics and the overall „omics“-approach to pediatric medicine as well as aspects of immunology, epigenetics and biochemistry.

The Ph.D. program is open to all scientists of any nationality with an academic background in medicine, natural sciences, life sciences or equivalent fields.

Research Labs

In its young history, pediatric medicine has always been a driver of innovation: for children's health and for medicine as a whole. Theodor Escherich was once an assistant physician at the Dr. von Hauner's Children's Hospital when he discovered the coli bacteria in 1885, whose further research in the 20th century was the basis for 12 Nobel Prizes. Today, physicians and scientists at the Dr. von Hauner's Children's Hospital are involved in numerous scientific associations and interdisciplinary research programs. More information on our research labs can be found here.

Supervision & TAC committee

Each doctoral candidate is supervised by a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC), consisting of the main supervisor, a second and a third TAC member. The TAC is a group of academic experts who provide guidance and support throughout the doctoral research and thesis writing. The doctoral candidate should meet with his/her TAC in regular intervals and discuss the progress of the Ph.D. project. More information on the selection and the tasks of the TAC members can be found here.