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BIF Research Fellowships


The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) awards MD fellowships to outstanding medical students who are prepared to interrupt their studies for at least 10 months and change institution and city to conduct an experimental research project in basic biomedical research.


The BIF awards MD fellowships to medical students studying in Germany who wish to pursue an experimentally demanding and hypothesis-driven research project in basic biomedical research in a leading laboratory. Applicants should not be older than 25 years and are eligible if they gained good or very good marks in the first section of the medical examination (Erster Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung) and during their subsequent studies. Applicants must interrupt their studies and change their working place (institution and city) for the entire duration of the MD fellowship, i.e. for a period of at least 10 months.


The application should be written in English by the applicant and must reach the BIF at least three months before the planned change of location and proposed uptake of the MD fellowship.

Contact and more information

For more information on this and other programmes offered by the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds, please see the BIF webpage.