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Curriculum and Courses

Ph-D-farbigThe Ph.D. Medical Research covers several core areas and the graduate programs of research training groups. In order to offer Ph.D. candidates a broad course spectrum and in order to profit from potential synergies, all areas have come together and created a course catalogue.

All information on the courses (when, content, potential prerequisites, etc.) can be found on the respective pages of the programs, as well as by asking the individual coordinators.

Please note:

  • Ph.D. candidates from a specific core area have precedent over other Ph.D. candidates where limited places are concerned.
  • Only the respective coordinator of a given core area can decide on who receives a place in a course. Please always contact the coordinator in order to make sure there is space and/or if prerequisites are required.

It is possible to collect ECTS in a variety of ways, which are not only limited to actual course participation. The given list shows how many ECTS are awarded for an activity, as well as if there is a maximum number of ECTS that can be awarded for activity (i.e. the supervision of Bachelor or Master students). The list is not complete, but does give a broad overview. If you have any other course types, please ask your respective coordinator if a certain activity can be awarded ECTS and counted towards your required points.

1 ECTS is equivalent to 2 full course or conference days plus the necessary preparation and follow-up, or 30 hours of required work time. A minimum of 0.5 ECTS must be submitted to be credited for an event. ECTS can only be credited in 0.5 increments.
Events that require less than 8 hours of attendance, such as half-day continuing education courses, may be combined with other courses to meet the minimum threshold requirement for 0.5 ECTS.  

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* plus potentially additional workload (preparation, review, studying for exams)

** certified providers:

Upon request, other providers may be taken into consideration.