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Completion of the Procedure and Certificates

Ph-D-farbigI. Completion of the Procedure

In one year after the oral defence, the Ph.D. candidate must submit 2 bound copies (statutory copies), one digital copy (PDF) and 2 forms for the submission of electronic theses to the university library. File format and data medium are determined by the university library. Your CV does not need to be included in the bound or electronic versions of the statutory copies.

If the statutory copies are not submitted within the year, all rights obtained by the successful completion of the thesis and the oral defence are null and void.

General information regarding the submission of statutory copies to the University Library's "Publikationsdienste Dissertationen" can be found under

A short overview on the submission of statutory copies for the Ph.D. Medical Research can be downloaded here.

II. Doctor's Certificate, Doctor's Degree and Transcript of Records

The Doctor's Degree ("Promotionsurkunde") is issued upon successful completion of the oral defence and submission of the statutory copies. It contains the date of the oral defence.

Simultaneously, the Doctor's Certificate ("Promotionszeugnis") is issued. It contains the same date at the Degree, as well as the title of the thesis, the individual grades (thesis and oral defence) and the overall final grade.

A transcript of records is also issued, which contains all completed courses and their respective exams, ECTS and grades (where applicable).

Within a period specified by the coordinator, the Ph.D. candidate can apply for insight into the examination records (expert opinions, comments, record of proceedings).

Full examination records are kept for at least 5 years.