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Registration of your Doctoral Project



Doctoral candidates have been required to register their doctoral projects for the past two years. You must register yourself and your project using the online platform the latest three months after beginning work on it.
The qualifying degrees of international students will be checked for eligibility, once the information has been submitted via the online portal.

For the Doctoral Degree in Human Biology, please note:

  • you are required to have a completed qualifying degree, in order to be accepted as a doctoral candidate
  • your supervisor can have a medical degree or a degree in the life sciences

Required documents for the registration (in general):

  • CV
  • Proof of a qualifying degree(s), candidates, who hold a master's degree as their qualifying degree, also have to send transcripts for their bachelor's degree
  • Declaration on previously passed or failed doctoral examinations
  • Certificate of good conduct (no older than 3 month)
  • Declaration of knowledge on known sanctions if false or incomplete data is submitted
  • Declaration on known criminal prosecutions

Required documents for the registration (research-related):

  • Supervision agreement (with original signatures)
  • Suggestion for the members of the Thesis Advisory Committee
  • Project description (1 page)
  • Ethical clearance vote (if required)

When registering your project using the online platform, a supervision agreement is automatically generated by the system. You are able to download this agreement once you have submitted all required data, have it signed and sign it yourself, and then upload it back into the system.

Once you have uploaded the supervision agreement, please submit all required original documents to the Doctoral Office. Your doctoral project will only be officially registered, once you have completed this step!

Please submit your documents via email or mail, in case original signatures are required. Individual consultations are available during our telephone hours.
Due to the current situation, visiting hours are canceled until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Log book

Once your doctoral research project has been cleared by the Doctoral Office and your project is officially registered, you will receive a personal log book in the Doctoral Office. All documents required for the log book can be downloaded at the bottom of this page - the documents can be filled out by hand or on your computer screen.

As the log book is to document the course of your structured doctoral degree, you must take good care of it! It must be submitted with your thesis and all other required documents, once you have completed your research project.

Your thesis can only be submitted with a complete log book (target agreement, evaluations, full-time research, training program, final evaluation)! The log book including all agreements and protocol templates can be downloaded below.