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Infection Research on Human Pathogens@MvPI

Infection Research on Human Pathogens @MvPI

The Max von Pettenkofer Institute of LMU offers, under the roof of MMRS, a novel structured doctoral program (postgraduate program) under the name of "Infection Research on Human Pathogens @MvPI", since fall 2019. This postgraduate program combines the individual doctoral thesis work from various fields of infection research (focus areas range from microbiology/bacterial pathogens, microbiota research, virology, to infection immunology) with a program-specific framework to deepen and broaden the understanding and comprehensive knowledge in all central and timely topics of infection research as well as lab and transferable skills courses.

Information regarding new projects and offered positions within the program can be found on the MvP web page. Further information regarding the institute, the active topics and working groups can be found as well on the MvPI pages and can also be acquired by contacting the program-specific administrative office of MvPI (Mrs Susanne Maibom, phone: 089-218072801; email: