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Covid-19: Termine, Deadlines & Meetings

Document submission

Due to the current situation, visiting hours are canceled until further notice. These steps are necessary to protect our employees and you.

Please submit your documents via email or mail, in case original signatures are required.

Our mailing address is:
Bavariaring 19
80336 München

Incomplete documents

Several city offices and institutions are closed due to the pandemic. As an example, it might be difficult to obtain a certificate of conduct. Please submit documents, you cannot obtain now as soon as the situation permits it.

Incomplete supervision agreement

We kindly ask for your understanding that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we can only accept registrations for doctoral project with a full set of at least thee eledgible members of the thesis advisory committee. All members of the thesis adivsory committee have to sign the supervision agreement. Thus, we can ensure that your doctoral project is in agreement with the examination and study regulations.

Volunteering during your fulltime research

The Faculty of Medicine supports doctoral students who want to help during this crisis.
Doctoral students, who want to volunteer in our clinics, are encouraged to do so. An interruption of the 8-month fulltime research is not problematic and does not require a special permit by the office of doctoral affairs. Please try to make up the lost time later.

A short statement by your supervisor confirming the duration of your volunteering work in your logbook is sufficient. The doctoral fellowship by the Medical Faculty is not affected.

Changes regarding your project or TAC due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Because of the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, changes to your project or the composition of your supervision committee may be necessary. This is not a problem! Please document important changes that affect your project, e.g. milestones, key questions or the members of your thesis advisory committee in a target amendment and have it signed by the members of your thesis advisory committee. Keep the target amendment in your logbook and submit the logbook together with your finished dissertation.


The university is currently advising against any unnecessary meetings!

To limit the number of personal meetings and still enable you to get some feedback about your project, we recommend using video conference systems whenever possible. All TAC-members can sign your TAC-report in circulation.

Scheduled defenses

The university is currently advising against any unnecessary meetings!

Individual defenses already planned for candidates in PhD Medical Research, Dr. rer. nat. and Dr. rer. biol. hum.:

If your want to hold your defense despite the current restrictions, try to reduce the number of those who attend personally by holding a video conference instead. In case of any questions, the chairperson of the examination committee can contact the MMRS about alternatives to in-person meetings.

Defenses should of course take place without guests or an audience. The common celebrations after a successful defense unfortunately have to be omitted.

We wish you much success!

Group exams for the Dr. med. and Dr. med. dent.

Due to the current legal restrictions (limitations in when and why to leave the house and contact bans), group exams for Dr. med. and Dr. med. dent. currently cannot take place.