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Determining the rank of a publication

Determine the rank of a journal in the Journal Citation Report

To be able to use a paper for a cumulative dissertation it has to be published in a journal, which is listed among the top 80% in its field. This is one of the prerequisites that has to be fulfilled to permit the use of a paper in a cumulative thesis. Here we explain, how to determine the ranking of a journal.

  1. Log into inCites Journal Citation Report with your campus ID via the university library.
  2. Permit popups for the website!
  3. Enter the name of the journal (attention, journals that are not listed in the InCites Journal Citation Report cannot be part of a cumulative dissertation).
  4. Check by the name of the journal and the displayed "Journal Information" if it is the right journal
  5. Scroll to the overview "Journal's performance" in the section "Journal Impact Factor"
  6. The "Journal Imact Factor Trend (Year)" graph will show you how your journal ranks within one or more categories. The columns in the graph (gray or purple) indicate the Impact Factor in the respective year. The graph lines (green, orange, etc.) show you the ranking within the respective category for each year. To be within the top 80%, the value for the journal in the year of your publication must be greater than 20 in at least one of the categories shown, i.e., better than the weakest 20%.
  7. If the publication is older, select the option "view all years" to get a complete overview of all years.

Example: This journal is assigned to the categories "Veterinary Sciences - Scie" and "Behavioral Sciences - Scie". In the graph you can see that in 2017, with a Journal Impact Factor (JIF) von 1.554, the journal ranked at 75,36(%) in the "Veterinary Sciences - Scie" category (green) and at 12.75(%) in the "Behavioral Sciences - Scie" category (orange). Provided all other requirements for use of the article in a cumulative dissertation are met, an article published in this journal in 2017 can be part of a cumulative dissertation because the value in at least one of the categories is greater than 20.