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Principles and Practice of Clinical Research

The program "Principles and Practices of Clinical Research" (PPCR) aims to offer a highly interactive learning environment for clinical research training internationally and to create a global network of clinical researchers to foster future collaboration in clinical research. PPCR provides participants with the understanding of issues involved in the design, conduction, analysis, and interpretation of clinical research. Participants are trained to critically evaluate information, conduct effective and applicable research, and communicate efficiently in academic platforms.

This collaborative distance-learning training program in Clinical Research is designed for individuals who wish to gain basic and advanced training in clinical trials before moving into the field and for those who have experience in this area and aim to broaden their role in the design, management, analysis, and reporting of clinical trials.

Why do we need to be trained in clinical research?

In order to:

  • learn to define and answer research questions
  • use resources (manpower, funding, time) efficiently when designing studies
  • decide on and recruit the right number of participants for your study
  • understand why some trials fail
  • conduct the appropriate statistical tests and be able to interpret statistical results
  • critically read and understand clinical research papers
  • improve quality and quantity of publications
  • obtain autonomy at an earlier career stage

What is so unique about PPCR?

  • You will learn through interaction and collaboration
  • The emphasis on the practical aspects of research, allows participants to develop critical thinking and analytic skills
  • PPCR builds a global network of clinical researchers coming from various research and cultural backgrounds
  • PPCR provides you with the platform to widen your horizons in both academic and professional avenues