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MMRS Good Scientific Practice

MMRS lecture series „Good Scientific Practice"

The MMRS lecture series „Good Scientific Practice" (MMRS-Ringvorlesung "Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis") is offered as an online course every semester.

The asynchronous online course consists of screencasts (video recordings) on various topics relating to "good scientific practice" and related quiz questions. The processing time for each topic is approximately 2 hours. All content is provided in english.

The MMRS lecture series is open to all doctoral candidates of the LMU medical faculty.

  • For doctoral candidates wanting to obtain a structured Dr. med., structured Dr. med. dent. or structured Dr. rer. biol. hum. or the PhD in Medical Research in EPH the participation is mandatory.
  • Doctoral candidates of the PhD in Medical Research receive 0.5 ECTS for their successful participation.

The MMRS lecture series is part of the interdisciplinary curriculum. The curriculum can be done at any time - even before you are registered with the MMRS (in this case you should download the logbook and have courses/workshops documented and signed there).


Modules / Topics 

  • Introduction to good scientific practice (Dr. Elizabeth Schröder-Reiter)
  • Plagiarism, Authorship & Publishing (Dr. Antje Hentrich)
  • Open Science & Reproducibility (Prof. Dr. Anne-Laure Boulesteix)
  • Data Management and Laboratory Practice (Prof. Dr. Eva Grill)
  • Research Ethics (Andreas Wolkenstein)
  • Evaluation studies: constructing items for questionnaires (Dr. Johanna Huber, M.P.H.)
  • Basic Statistic (Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Plesnila)
  • How to write a paper (Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Plesnila)
  • Mentorship (Mal)practice and how to be a decent colleague (DDr. Marc Weidenbusch)
  • Mixed Methods studies with examples from health services research (Dr. Michaela Schunk)
  • Learning From Others' Failures: How to peer review or increase your own papers quality (Dr. Lukas Käsmann)
  • Advanced Statistik I (classic Regression) (Prof. Dr. Anne-Laure Boulesteix)
  • Advanced Statistik II (Big Data and Omics) (Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum., Dipl.-Math. Eva Hoster)

We would like to thank all lecturers who contributed to the online course!


Successful participation

The MMRS lecture series is considered passed if 80% of the course modules have been completed.

If you extend your participation over several semesters, the number of lectures in the semester of the first visit of a MMRS lecture is the basis for calculation. For example: 8 modules are required, when you started in the summer semester 2020 (with a total of 10 modules), 9 modules required in the winter semester 19/20 (with a total of 11 modules), ...

Attended modules must be documented accordingly (when participating online via download of the confirmation of participation - or - when attending a presence event, a confirmation of participation signed by the lecturer). When you have a "Logbuch" note 2 hours and enclose a printout of your confirmation/s of participation.



The course is offered every semester. The participation can be streched over several semesters.


Course registration

How to register yourself in the online course via Moodle:

  1. Website:
  2. Login with you LMU user ID / LMU Benutzerkennung (how to get an LMU Benutzerkennung) or an ID from the TU or another institution within the "DFN-Verbund" *)
  3. Use the following course key for your Self-Enrollment / Selbsteinschreibung: MMRS_GSP_SS21

*) Registration without an ID of the LMU or DFN-AAI is not possible.


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