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Wissenschaftliche Integrität und gute wissenschaftliche Praxis / Research Integrity and good scientific practice

In Germany, the freedom of research is guaranteed by the constitution. This freedom goes hand in hand with the obligation to assume responsibility, to act and think in good faith.

The course "Wissenschaftliche Integrität und gute wissenschaftliche Praxis" (Scientific Integrity and Good Scientific Practice) offers introductory interdisciplinary information and is tailored to the needs of Master's and PhD students at LMU Munich.

The e-learning-course is modular in design. In four different modules, basic concepts and terminology are presented that are of central importance for responsible action in research and science:

  • Module I: Scientific work, research
  • Module II: Values, norms and responsibility in the context of scientific work
  • Module III: Guidelines and standards
  • Module IV: Scientific misconduct

The duration of each module is about 30 minutes.


Course Language:

German or English.

Access data:

  • Course registration:
  • Login: LMU user ID
  • Deutschsprachige Version
    • Kursname / Course Name: "Wissenschaftliche Integrität und gute wissenschaftliche Praxis" 
    • Einschreibeschlüssel / Enrolement Key: GC_RI_2020
  • English Version
    • Kursname / Course Name: "Research Integrity and good scientific practice"
    • Einschreibeschlüssel / Enrolement Key: GC_GSP_2021

In case you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Center.